Content Audit Spreadsheet 

LIBR 287 UX Content Audit Spreadsheet:  [Google document]

A content audit spreadsheet for two websites for:

Be sure to use tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to view both website audits.  I used a color coded rating system to easily identify the content that needed work.  Basically, green is good, yellow may need attention and red needs to be addressed as soon as possible.  Text was added to yellow and red fields to define what was deficient or needed to be reworked.

I added extra fields when I thought they were appropriate:

  • Recommendations column so they could be noted while I was thinking about them for future reference.  The only thing I was unhappy with was that this might be redundant with the text in the yellow/red fields.
  • Working Functions column to indicate if the registration, lost password, contact form or whatever might be on that page is functioning properly.
  • Mission Oriented to indicate that if the page adds value to the mission of the website/organization.

I found it to be a very good idea to catalog the content on both websites, since I am involved in maintaining both of them.  I plan to keep these sheets and modify them as the sites progress, but I worry about having to explain them to other site administrators.  I don’t want to hand them a book to read, but some the online articles might be more appropriate and manageable.

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