social media and the library 

[This inforgraphic (found on twitter) sent me on a quest to learn about libraries and social media.  There’s a lot of hyperlinks, but I hope you enjoy it…]

Everything Your Employees Need to Know About Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] March 10, 2012

We live in our own geo-bubbles, defined by geographic artifacts.  With today’s technology, we don’t need to “go” anywhere to “connect” with people and information beyond that bubble.  There’s an abundance of information (warning: heavy graphics) about the social media tools available.  Libraries can take advantage of these tools to inform and publicize services and news, and much more:

I wondered if social media is part of the training for UK pilot projects looking at how libraries can direct library users to quality internet advice and information to find a job.  Even the education profession is re-evaluating the use of social media to promote information literacy as a competency.

We’ve heard the questions about the future of the library or what a library is when some libraries no longer have books on their shelves.  I believe in paper books and this confirms why, but that is another discussion.  Library users already use social media and it’s a natural flow to a digital context and a 24/7 virtual presence.

The inforgraphic helps identify many challenges of setting up a social media plan, but there are libraries already using social media (pdf), resources for best practice and arguments to make it a priority because it revolutionizes the library to keep it relevant.

The Anythink Library is a great example, as well The Independence Public Library.