networking with QR 

Thank goodness I made business cards as advised to before I went to ALA 2011 in New Orleans.  I was told they were handy for networking.  Netwhat?  I’ll be honest and say I pshawed the idea.  Me?  Network?  Right.  I’m as reserved as I am private, so, even I wasn’t prepared for my enthusiasm to meet and talk to people who shared a mutual passion.  The cards came in handy.  Since then, I’ve attended a few conferences and have exchanged many business cards.  It’s a challenge to place the card to the person and conversation, so I devised a system to note the conference, date, keywords or description on the cards for later reference.  It also occurred to me that I might be hard to remember.

Last year, after receiving a message on Twitter, I took a look at the sender’s profile and followed an URL to their page.  Wow, I was impressed!  It was a simple, attractive and informative online business card.  It also included a photo of the person, making it much more personal.  Since then, I made my own page and recommend other students to do so because it’s easy to customize and update.  The next time I order cards, I’ll add the URL to it, but it isn’t going to happen any time soon.  After hearing my son talk about using QR codes at school, I decided to make one to put on the my card.

It was cheap and easy.  I made the QR with a free generator.  There are many to choose from, but lets you adjust the colors, and lets you adjust the size.  I used a template for 3 x 11 (1” x 2 5/8”) address labels and copy and pasted two codes to a label, centered them and then copied them into the rest of the labels.  After printing, I cut the sheet into strips and placed them on my cards.