read it maybe! 

I know you might be tired of “Call Me Maybe,” but I want to share how a bunch of 3rd-6th grade students responded to a parody of it during Open Library (lunch/recess hour).

Let me preface by sharing that I heard a little guy singing “Call Me Maybe” while playing a video game in the library last week and I thought how wonderful it was that he felt at ease to be himself in our library space.

So today, I came across this video in my Facebook feed from I Love Libraries and shared it with my library/teacher friends and colleagues. When I opened the link to copy the URL for an email at school, and the video started playing, it grabbed the student’s attention right away. So I set it to full screen so they could watch it. They absolutely loved it!

It drew quite a crowd, even the ones glued to their video games, and the look of surprise, disbelieve and happiness was precious…it made for a more playful and engaging atmosphere. They left the library with grins on their faces and a spring in their step…some were still singing it. I think I need to surprise them with something fun like this more often!