lesson 3: reader's advisory 

Novelist & Novelist K-8 via The Digital Pipeline

Read-Alike authors  in Novelist for Lian Hearn:  Alexandre Dumas (1802), Guy Gavriel Kay, Sara Douglass, Bartie Bull, Jasper (1968) Kent, Michele Hauf, Pierre, Pevel (1968), Gemma Files & Ted Bell

The Read-Alike feature brought up some interesting authors who write in the general genre of historical fantasy and adventure stories.  What it did not do is connect it to other Asian historic fantasy fiction, perhaps because it is not a common theme in Asian literature.  I was also surprised that Peony in Love was not among the Read-Alikes for Across the Nightingale Floor.  I expected to see Jessica Amanda Salmonson in that list, but her genre tags were feminist fantasy, horror and occult fiction.  Interestingly enough, there were no Read-Alikes for this author or her books.

Series in Order:  Tales of the Otori by Lian Hearn

  1. Across the Nightingale Floor
  2. Grass for His Pillow
  3. Brilliance of the Moon
  4. The Harsh Cry of the Heron
  5. Heaven’s Net is Wide

Readers Advisory Toolbox:  I plan to read through the Reader’s Advisory Training located on this page; it looks very interesting.

How to use Novelist:  I looked through the tutorials and found them to be helpful.  They take some time to load, but are very well done and would recommend them to adult Novelist users

The one I viewed was:  How can NoveList help me find great title, author, and series recommendations?

Other Reader Advisory Tools:

I also use lists from Goodreads, and was glad to see it on the list in the article about recommendations websites.

What Should I Read Next?  I’ve had my upper elementary students use this tool and they seem to like it if they remember it and can spell names and titles correctly.

Shelfari:  I tried Shelfari when I was looking for a virtual bookshelf, but the graphic took away from the content, so it didn’t appeal to me.  I would more than likely use their series & list page.

Whichbook:  Very interesting…I might play around with it when I have time.  It seems a little time consuming to find a short list of recommendations that are largely unfamiliar.

Library Thing:  I also use Library Thing, but don’t use it as often.  They distinguish between the Automated and Member’s recommendation lists, which is nice.

Gnooks:   This site asks to correct the author’s name and I love the map feature.  A children’s literature only version of this site would be fabulous.  I looked up Neil Gaiman who writes at various levels and got mostly adult recommendations.

The Staff Recommends:  Good if you’re not sure what you’re looking for or want something different.


I’ve used these for children’s book recommendations:

Guy’s Read, Juvenile Series and Sequels, and Boy’s Read