Contextual Inquiry: Library Observation Notes

SCLM entryway

SCLM entryway

Library Museum Entrance

  • one male person leaving. greeting an incoming individual
  • incoming individual going upstairs to the library with a tote
  • two young girls leaving the library after a few minutes
  • one empty handed young boy leaving the library, door gets stuck on the mat, so the boy pushes it shut
  • young man with backpack leaves the museum via the stairs
  • older gentleman comes to fix the mat
  • young man with baby in the back pack enters and goes upstairs to the library
  • woman enters on her cell phone and sits next to me, perhaps unaware that her voice will carry upstairs through the open ceiling to the library.  Goes into entry way to talk freely/privately.
  • worker enters building goes into museum briefly and goes upstairs to the library
  • young woman with keys comes downstairs to exit the library with books
  • older couple leave the library with e-reader in hand
  • older woman enters
  • young man with back pack leaves
  • young woman with Trader Joes sling tote leaves
  • woman on the phone enters the library and goes upstairs
  • young woman with bag goes up into the library
  • empty handed man goes down the stairs to leave the library (newspaper in back pocket)
  • young man enters the library with canteen and enters bathroom
  • young woman enters with man, with phones and goes upstairs
  • man enters with dvds and goes upstairs
  • man enters, pauses to look at the notices in the entry way and proceeds into the bathroom
  • young couple walks in with backpacks, woman goes upstairs, man stops at the water fountain
  • older man comes downstairs looks at the dedication tiles and leaves the building
  • man with dvds comes down and leaves with more dvds
  • young mom and daughter enter building and go upstairs
  • man with canteen leaves the building after visiting the bathroom
  • young couple with phones leave with a book and tote.
  • man enters, stops to read the notices in the entry way and checks out the dedication tiles and goes upstairs
  • woman leaves the museum with backpack and saunters outside to fix her shoes (walking)
  • woman leaves the museum, with the other woman, takes a picture and they talk before leaving (deciding where to go next, maybe)
  • woman with dvds comes downstairs and reads the notices before leaving the building
  • older woman with small bag enters building and goes upstairs
  • older couple leave the museum, ponder for a moment and go further in the building to use the restrooms
  • man enters to refill brochures located down the hall in the entryway
  • young man with canteen enters empty handed and goes upstairs
  • young woman and girl go down stair
  • young woman with backpack leaves
  • young man without canteen leaves with plastic container
  • young man with backpack leaves with purpose
  • older couple who use the bathroom leave, man glances at notices, woman leads way out

(front desk photo)*(I’ll have to get another one…)

Library Museum Front Desk Area

  • young man with back pack approaches to request a computer, was asked if he used them before to which he nodded yes and was given a pass.  He went directly to the computer
  • person approached the unmanned counter (librarian could watch the front area through an open window in the back work space), teen girl approaches, librarian moves to front counter, girl asks for a computer and is given a pass.
  • young woman approaches counter and leaves an item and is told “thanks”
  • man approaches counter and waits to check out an item.  Places items and receipt in backpack and leaves.
  • young woman approaches to ask about mail drop boxes around town, librarian offers information, but cannot confirm where all PO drop boxes are around town.  Young woman says thank you and goes back to her chair.
  • librarian goes behind the window, older man approaches  window behind the counter to ask a question, librarian meets man behind counter and moves back out to answer his question about where he can find used books in town.  He goes back into the library.
  • printer begins printing, a young man approaches printer, waits a moment while papers print, then looks curiously at the papers from front to back.  Looks to the front counter to get librarians attention while she helps another patron who just arrived. Approaches counter questioning why there is other printed material on his papers to find out that the library uses recycled paper, and it is 25 cents to print on blank paper.  He walks away saying he was confused.  (note: a small orange sign is taped to the computer explaining this in front of the printer and on the side)
  • young woman approaches counter (in the middle of the previous event) to request a computer (the one I was sitting at, so I moved).  Was given a pass, sat down, then disappeared for about 6 minutes while logged in.
  • young man approaches counter to request a computer, is asked if some sort of difference in the mouse is okay, to which he replies “yes,” gets pass and goes to the computer.
  • a student helper informs librarian about finding a loose dvd on the shelf, so she investigates where it may have come from.

*I couldn’t add my photos, so I’ll see if I can do it later.