goodbye…no, not really…


Dear Hyperlinked Library Classmates,

My heart and my mind are full of all of the valuable lessons learned together.  I’m glad to have learned them while still in SLIS because it has solidified the values in librarianship that I hold dear.  I look forward to strengthening them in my remaining classes.  They include:

  • inclusive
  • social
  • participatory
  • playful
  • transliterate
  • always learning
  • user-centered
  • community driven
  • transparent
  • thoughtful
  • brave
  • trend-setting
  • unpretentious
  • human
  • adaptable
  • open


I didn’t mention technology; because I’ve determined through this class, experience in an educational setting, and personal principle that “technology” is merely the evolution of the wheel and therefore a tool to accomplish an objective…should these tools disappear, as they tend to, I will still uphold my library values.  I shall focus on fluency as I continue to develop my PLN, even as I try to figure out the strangeness it often presents.

I especially appreciate the generous heart and spirit of our teacher.  I’ve always felt that transparency was a weakness (yes, I wear my heart on my sleeve) and I appreciate the value Dr. Stephens has given it in the institutional culture.  I appreciate the balance between concepts and applications offered by Michael and all of you throughout this class.

One unexpected experience was blogging…publicly.  It was wonderful to see how each of you approached it with creativity and personality.  I’ve learned how important timing and consistency are, to keep it short (tl;dr!), not to promise posts not yet drafted (JCLC 2 & 3 stories still in the works *blush*), to make a checklist so I don’t leave something out (like tags).  Thanks for being a forgiving audience!  I appreciate that Michael is providing a community so that we may continue to develop our voice, share, inform, inspire and interact with each other and the rest of the world.

I’m delighted to join a profession with creative, intelligent, compassionate and enthusiastic fellow librarians.  One of my favorite things about the SJSU SLIS online degree is meeting people from all over the world who are in different walks of life.  Each of us brings a diverse background, set of skills and experience that enhances our learning experience.  Thank you for sharing and for teaching me.

So, the class is coming to a close, but I’m amazed at how small the library community is and I hope to stay connected and that we can meet someday.  I wish everyone the best in their endeavors and aspirations.  May you all be blessed with life satisfaction!