hyperlib virtual symposium: libraries build community

It was hard to choose a topic for our final assignment because we covered so many wonderful and important topics throughout the semester about how librarians can invite meaningful participation in their libraries.  I finally settled on a topic related to my director’s brief about integrating interactive features into library websites and my content book report on “Communities” by Peter Block.  I’m fascinated with the various and creative ways libraries support and contribute to their communities and the significance impact they have (or should have) on community development.  So I decided to create a presentation about how libraries build community.

While nearly all the examples are from public libraries, this should not discourage other types of libraries from engaging their respective communities to:

  • serve & help
  • share & curate
  • celebrate & affirm
  • teach & care
  • create & innovate
  • grow & preserve
  • include everyone
  • step outside their comfort zones
  • offer free classes
  • use local experts
  • reflect community values
  • support community development
  • protect intellectual freedom

You may view the Google presentation *here.  Please feel free to leave comments.  Thank you!

*edit The correct link is: Libraries Build Community