a proper introduction…

Hello!  I’m Valarie.

I am Inupiaq and I was born, raised and live in Alaska all my life.  My family and I live in Seward, Alaska, which is a very small town surrounded by mountains at the head of Resurrection Bay on the Kenai Peninsula.  It is also the farthest south I’ve ever lived.  If you would like to view some scenic photos of Alaska, please visit my Alaska page.

I started collecting family information in 1999 which is of great value to me and my extended family since the Inupiaq culture is based on oral traditions.  The photo you see is of my grandmother at 4 years old in 1928 with her mother, brother and grandmother.  It is the oldest family photo I know of and is very special to me.

I also enjoy green tea, reading, hiking, backpacking, cycling, snowboarding, rowing, yoga, PBS, traveling, video games, international movies, many genres of music, community service and various hand and needle crafts.

I’ve worked part-time in an elementary school library since 2006 and love it, but I’m also exploring the various career pathways available with the MLIS.  I’ve completed 19 credits out of the 43 since Fall 2011 and am focusing on emerging technology and management.  I have a BA in Communication and Psychology from the University of Alaska.

I believe that a library’s community is its greatest asset and the opportunities to build and extend that community through emerging technologies are wonderful and exciting.  I look forward to learning more about the practical application of using technologies to improve communication and services in libraries.  It will also help me with a few projects that I am currently working on.  It is a pleasure to meet all of you…here’s to a great semester!

Kind Regards,