Lesson 4a: live homework help

Live Homework Help
Alaskan students and adult learners can chat with qualified tutors online about a wide range of subject areas via the Digital Pipeline under Resources for Students. The tutors are able to chat back and forth with the users, draw diagrams to help explain concepts and share uploaded pictures or files. Tutor.com offers live tutoring daily from 1:00 pm to 12:00 am and links to thousands of lessons, videos and other study aids 24/7.

1. Give the epochs into which U.S. History is divided:



What a great resource…I’ll be sure to encourage the students at the school I work at to use it now that I know what it is like.  I’ll be able to reassure them that it will be easy to use once they try it the first time, they won’t hesitate to use it again.  It would be good for younger kids to have an adult with them the first time.

2.  I uploaded a paper I submitted last week for a SLIS class to the College level Live Homework Help and requested help proofing it.  It was a long wait for my turn…nearly 30 minutes.  Once the session began, it had to be terminated because I forgot to remove my name from my paper.  It didn’t matter if I uploaded a new document with my name removed, so I queued up for another wait.  This time it took only 5 or so minutes.  She took about 10 minutes on my 2 page paper and would occasionally post a brief message or smiley face so I would now she was still there.  When she was done she shared the doc with comments for improvements.  I read through the comments, which were all great but when I returned to the tutor.com page, it was frozen.  Unfortunately, I could not recover it and had to shut down my computer.  She had great comments though (I was able to save it and my blog word doc too…whew!), so I’ll be careful about what I have running on my computer and have it backed up before I try it again.