lesson 2: genealogy

Heritage Quest Online via The Digital Pipeline is a comprehensive treasury of American genealogical sources—rich in unique primary sources, local and family histories, and finding aids, 18th Century or 20th Century, European or Native American.

I’ve done a great deal of work recording my family tree on my maternal side.  Since I am Inupiaq, oral history is limited to those who I was able to glean information from and documentation is recent and difficult to trace.  It has become a significant document in itself to my family because of the challenge to collect information.  Recently, I obtained a copy of a journal a relative kept in the 50’s from the village housing the document. 

Both sides of my family have uncommon names, so I am often able to find information searching the surnames:  Oksoktaruk & Drvenkar.  I found nothing for Oksoktaruk, which could be because of varied spelling since it is an westernized form of a Inupiaq name.  I did find a few hits for Titus, which is another family name.  I hoped to have more success for Drvenkar since my grandfather had emigrated from Russia and was the only known person in his family to come to America instead of Austria after the Bolshevik Revolution.  Heritage Quest brought up only one piece of documentation in the Census search.  I haven’t done much research on this side of my family, but this would be a start that I may pursue someday.

Genealogy Resources in Alaska:

Alaska Genealogy Guide published by the Alaska State Library

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Heritage Quest. Printing Enlarged Census Images with Adobe Reader

Cook Inlet Region Inc (CIRI) Genealogy Resources

Sealaska Heritage Institute Genealogy Resources

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