lesson 1: business resources

**answers in italics

1.  Business Search Interface (EBSCO) – The Business Search Interface (BSI) is a browsing friendly way access tens of thousands of items including company profiles, country reports, market research reports, journal articles and more from BUSINESS Source Premier.

The Chief Financial Officer of the Microsoft Corporation is Peter Klein.  He spent 13 years in corporate finance in the Seattle area.

2.  Small Business Reference Center (EBSCO) – Resource focused on the small business owner. This database can be searched or browsed by Category or Popular Sources. There are also links to state specific startup information and small business videos:

Vendor Materials
Small Business Reference Center User’s Guide
Small Business Reference Center PowerPoint Tutorial
Small Business Reference Center Flash Video (3 minutes)

Crafts may be sold online through a business Web site or blog, cooperative Web sites and online auctions.  Doing a search for various combinations of craft* with business*, online, “small business” or “home* business” yielded prospective results.  Unfortunately, you have to be a savvy searcher to get fruitful results. Using the SmartText Searching would be a good idea for beginners.

Source found:  How To Market & Sell Your Art, Music, Photographs & Handmade Crafts Online: Turn Your Hobby into a Cash Machine; 2008

I met a lady who needs help making business cards for her AK Native grass basket home business, so I did a search and found this: Are your business cards creating more business for you?  Depending on my search I either got a large varied result or a narrow result.

I also found this article: Twilight of the business card  ( tweeted #adrintro )

3.  Browsing by Category in the Small Business Reference Center was much more interesting and fruitful.  I choose Business Basics and then Marketing Your Business and got a reasonable number of results worth reading.  In the Browse by Popular Sources, Smart Policies for Workplace Technologies and Marketing Without Advertising looked interesting.

4.  Alaska Department of Law Consumer Protection Unit: Resources and information to help Alaskan consumers in making wise purchasing decisions and avoid becoming victims of consumer fraud.

What are TWO responsibilities that a landlord has toward a tenant?   Give the tenant a copy of any written rental agreement.  Abide by the lawful terms of the agreement

What are two examples of frauds and scams?  Advance fee fraud and fake check scams.

Where can you file a consumer report?  Attorney General’s Office.

5.  Alaska Local and Regional Information: Information available for all Alaska regions, areas and places from 2007-2010 on the following topics: worker characteristics, occupations, industries, employers, unemployment rate, population estimates, new housing units, and taxes.

How many female workers are there in your community? Seward has a total of 1,024 females in a total of 2693 population. There are 497 female workers.

Who is your top employer?  State of AK.

6.  Alaska Small Business Development Center – This site is aimed at small business owners within Alaska. The site is divided into the following sections: getting started, small business life cycle, workshops, tools, counseling and FAQ.

What are the stages of the small business cycle?  Think, Launch, Grow, ReInvent & Exit.

Where can you find a checklist for starting a small business?  Under the Tools navigation bar option, then the right column menu.

7,  Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) – Think of ISER as a university “think tank” for Alaska. ISER staff do research and publish reports in the following areas: applied social policy, arctic social systems, economy, education, energy and environment, fiscal policy, and fisheries.

What are two publications done about broadband in Alaska in 2011? Broadband Policies for the North: A Comparative Analysis & Rural Broadband: Opportunities for Alaska.  All 6 available were authored by Heather Hudson.

Has Small Scale Modular Nuclear Power been considered as an option for Alaska? Yes, one article was published in March 2011.

Do any of the Institute’s research areas seem relevant to you?  Yes, including Alaskool, Kids Count Alaska and other programs.

8.  I work in an elementary school, so it is unlikely anyone would ask me for business reference questions.  I might look up information on a personal basis or recommend it should I hear someone express a need it might meet.